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March 19th, 2014

05:11 pm
here is me posting again... I forgot what I was going to post..

I feel lazy today, wednesdays always seem to be lazy for me

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March 12th, 2014

03:55 pm
I seriously need to remember this place... I have writings that might be important, I am not sure...
I got a notice that it was going to be deleted, and I didn't reply in time, luckily I was able to reactive it...This really is a great place, and I love all the icon space.
I really need to try to come here and update more....
Hmm.... Not sure if I have any followers still... but up to date since 2011 I guess since that is my last entry

I know longer am supporting my mum financially so that is good... She is living with my grandmother, and still has no source of income, but I needed to move on.
I have an apartment with a roommate... Well, I had two roommates, but one our friends was getting kicked out but there was a roommate shuffle... My two roommates moved out, and I got a new roommate.
I have been dating my boyfriend for a year, we actually met on World of Warcraft. Love my panda...

Hmm, will try to come back and post something later this week

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June 12th, 2011

03:22 am
I am not sure why I am posting here. I guess me posting anywhere doesn't matter.
I am not going to be able to say what I want to say. I am not even sure what that is at the moment.
I just feel really growly.
Why do I spend so much of my time letting what others do affect me. I should just be myself, and not worry about others.
I hate the delicate balance between doing things for yourself, and making sure you are always there if someone else needs you.
I am not sure what to do sometimes.
I am just tired of fighting with my head.

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May 16th, 2011

07:40 pm
Apparently if you don't post here for almost two years, they will try to deactivate your account...Oops, I didn't know.
I will try to post more here.
I am sorry I have been absent. I love you all

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June 4th, 2008

02:10 pm - random rumblings
I seriously wonder why I wonder into the pit that is sometimes... I keep going over there in hopes I will find some good criminal mind fic...::facepalm:: why do I keep repeatively doing this.

Here are some random complaints about CM fic and other stuff found in the pit

First several fics have Spencer Reid completely change his personality, and clothing after hours... Okay, I haven't watched the whole series, but I am not sure how they got this from the glimpse we get into his personal life. On the scenes I have seen of him after work, he basically wears the same thing, except he may lose the does that translate to a Ramones t-shirt, ripped jeans, and spiked hair O.o.... Also, he may be a bit more outgoing at work..but once a dork/geek always a dork/geek...

Two, if someone who has been through there own share of tragedies is not going to freak out over a haircut...especially considering it was given to them by someone who kidnapped him...the character was more traumatized by the haircut than the kidnapping...are you frelling kidding me??

I am sure there are other things i can think of... but I won't.... I probably shouldn't complain, because I am sure I have written a lot of bad fics in the last ten years...but I just felt like venting....actually I hope if I wrote a bad fic and someone knew me online or in real life, they would just tell me it sucks...

I don't know the people at, I will just leave the venting here...I should leave them feedback...but I couldn't even finish the fanfics to do so..I was so annoyed
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April 22nd, 2008

05:01 pm - Completed Greg Table
I wanted to give all my [info]30_somethings tables their own entry when they get completed, so here is the Greg Table.

01. blind02. ebony03. escape 04 Flicker
05. flower
06. forest07. fountain08. garden09. goodbye10. grave
11. howling12. lamp13. lonely14. mirror15. moonlight
16. moth17. river 18. shiver19. skin20. sleepwalking
21. shadowy22. stars23. strangers24. torch 25 thought
26. trap27. vampire28. winged29. window30. wraith

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March 25th, 2008

03:49 pm - Yes, I know I have an insanejournal.. I didn't forget
So, since i posted at livejournal yesterday I decided I would post over here today...

First, for those who don't know...I have a job :) Yay!!! It is not in the field I am looking for, but it is a good job, and I am not really going to complain about something that I have been trying to get for a long time.

I am learning a lot, and I have met a lot of cool people.

Second, there is something totally wrong with my mp3 player, Simon, and I have no idea how to fix him. All the songs will play on the computer for a few minutes, and then the computer gets errors...

I tried to delete some songs, and that almost shut down the computer.. :( Maybe when I get a computer of my own, I will be able to fix it... Or maybe one day once I get all the debt stuff fixed I can get a new mp3 player...we shall see how it goes...

hmm....I am not sure what else to write.

::Sends good vibes to you all::


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December 18th, 2007

01:45 pm - Today is Intergalatic Vinniebatman Appreciation Day :) All Day
Myspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter Graphics Myspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, Glitter Graphics
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Current Mood: [mood icon] amused

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October 31st, 2007

03:08 pm - Bats in my head
Happy Halloween...
It is also another holiday on my lj :) I am having fun doing these holidays for people. It has gotten me writing for a bunch of really different fandoms...
Plus, I got to check out some things from the library...yay for having whole season there...
So, far I have gotten to check out Stargate SG-1 (for a request) Season 1 of Buffy, and Season 2 of Alias (the last two for holidays.)
I have never actually watched Alias before, so I was a bit lost, but I was mainly watching it for a ship for my friend so I don't care. It is a pretty good show though, I may actually check out all the seasons starting with season one sometimes.
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Current Mood: [mood icon] melancholy

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October 29th, 2007

01:00 pm - Intergalatic Ink_on_Velvet Appreciation Day
Welcome to the second holiday :)
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October 16th, 2007

03:12 pm - Random Fanfic post
Title: Valentines
Author: serialbathera
Fandom: BTVS
Prompt: None
Challenge: None
Characters: Willow Rosenberg, Angel
Characters mentioned: None
Pairings: Angel/Willow
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Word Count: 542
Summary: Angel and Willow celebrate their first Valentine’s Day.
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters
Author’s notes: for [info]ink_on_velvet
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October 11th, 2007

04:50 pm - random thoughts
Fun things:
Shadow of a Doubt is an excellent movie, thanks for recommending it to me, [info]velvetwhip :) It was truly wonderful, and one of Hitchcock's best. Everything about the movie was fun. :)

I only have about 12 more stories to write for my fanfic100 claim, though not sure how many I have to type up still. :)

My muse has been super active lately..Yay!!!!

Fall is one of the best times of the year! Everything seems so pretty, even here in Florida where it is a 100 degress some day (Weird Heat wave). Everything seems so calm, and peaceful. It is my favourite season. :)

Speedle will be on CSI: Miami again on Monday :)

Besides a few little blips, and ignoring all the money stuff in my life... Life seems to be going pretty good. My depression hasn't acted up as much, but I am not sure if that is because I have been more productive lately or not.

Making cakes are fun, and yummy to eat the results :)

Random Grips:
How come the only CSI fanfic group I decide to join is mainly GSR, and only like three people have read any of my fanfics there...When most other fics get at least 10 comments everytime, even when it isn't a GSR fic.
Am I going to have to start reading GSR fics, and commenting to get some feedback love there?

Where is my Red eye newsletter, crazy people. I signed up for it three weeks ago...sadness.

How come if you take off all your interests at livejournal to redo them, they post messages that your bio isn't filled....crazy people

They eliminated one of my favourite people on dancing with the stars. Even though I only knew this person through the competion, they seemed like a pretty good dancer...(I don't want to put any spoilers for those who didn't watch, but I am not talking about the person eliminated this week.)

So after two months of not hearing back from them, last week I heard from the temp agency I applied to. They sent me a three line email....O.o I replied back but they haven't responded yet.

God Bless you all
Love, luck, and lollipops
Current Mood: [mood icon] thirsty

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September 28th, 2007

11:56 am - Book Rec 1
Shorten Version:
Read The Manchurian Candidate or the russians/chinese will brainwash you

Longer Version:
This was a really great book, I can defintely see why it was made into two movies. It has great word choice, and detail. Also, the characters have these interesting stories, and none of them seem one dimensional.

I really liked the character of Raymond, I am not sure if I am supposed to. He seemed really likable, and you almost feel sorry for him at some points.

Other stuff:
I am not very good with Book Recs, maybe I will do a longer one later. I hate actually writing out my ideas, plus I may actually include exercepts...but I don't have time right this second

But I am going to watch "Shadow of a Doubt" sometimes this week, maybe I will have a longer review of that.

Have a great day all

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September 26th, 2007

04:32 pm - Random Wednesday thoughts
-Anthony E. Zuiker on Red Eye is fun :)
-Tomorrow I get to have a party if Sara on CSI dies ...::laughs evilly:: No, no party, tomorrow is my sister's birthday though, and also CSI Premiere day.
-I love the new season of Dancing with the Stars, everyone seems so good. And it is a thrill to see Jane Seymour on tv again.
-I got a comment thanking me for writing a GSR fic, and my friend said she was glad I did, even though it wasn't my OTP. I don't think I actually have a CSI OTP....Or any for that matter. Is that sad? Or does my reigning desire to love all ships win out over that.
-Am I the only one who thinks it is really bizarre that Marilyn Manson is dating Evan Rachel Wood, and also still think of her as Chloe Number 2?
-Speaking of Marilyn Manson, I think it is just funny how much I use to hate listening to his music (I try to play the radio more, but usually it is only when I sleep, and who wants to hear a demon singing to you in your sleep) and my new celebrity crush, Eric Szmanda, is one of his friends. That doesn't mean though I am going to buy his CDs and listen to them at night.
- Mt. Olive has these new promotions, and a new product. Picklepaks, minipickles in small containers, 4 to a pack...and you win money by naming the pickles...So, because I couldn't name one Speed (someone had already used it) , his name turned out to be Speedle...::giggles::
-Blood Ties comes back OCT 12th @ 11pm..Yay!!!!
-House Season Premiere was awesome.
-I am still taking requests if anyone has any.
-Peter Frechette will be 51 on Oct 3rd :)
-I am trying to learn origami, it isn't as easy as I thought it would be.
- for [info]30_somethings I am going to have Greg interact with as many people/be in as many ships as possible...any ideas...
-I seriously think I am going to be finished with my fanfic100 claim before my table is linked to the big damn table...O.o strange people.

Okay, I am done with the rambling.
God Bless,
Love, Luck, and Lollipops

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September 18th, 2007

04:29 pm - It's time to talk of shoes-and ships- and sealing wax
So, my mom asked me yesterday if I was going to go to the library today...and I was kind of like O.o (She wanted me to fill out a walmart survey when I got a chance.)

I usually don't try to go to the library two days in a row...But today I woke up at 8:30...SO, I figured I could just make it fanfic day and finish most of my list of things to do on the internet.

As of this moment, I have two more fics I need to type up, and two fics that I have parts to type up. (Until I write more later, obviously.) So, that is exciting... Going to the library so much lately, has really chopped my list down almost completely.

My wall is now scattered with multicoloured pieces of construction paper. Since, I have decided to make myself a plot board. I also started giving myself goals for each week, and actually writing them where I can see them.

I think I am also going to put the poem "the Walrus and the Carpenter" on my wall. It is one of my favourite poems.

I can't think of anything else to say. Have a great week, and I will catch you all later.
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September 15th, 2007

12:07 pm - At facebook you can throw sheep at people...alright :)
I am finally getting to read the manchurian candidate :) Yay!!!
I am so excited about that book, I am not sure why it seems awesome.
I saw the movie with Liev Schriver, and I loved the story plot.

On the inside cover of the book, it is funny because it says, this is the original book that the 1962 movie was based off, and not the novelization for the 1994 movie. (They reprinted it with the cover from the 1994 movie, like they do with a lot of books that are turned into movies now a days.)

I am hoping eventually I will get to read Strangers on a Train, the one of two books on my new list of books to read (The other is a CSI novel, which I don't have to read.). I always forget what is on the list, and have to start new ones.

I have never actually seen the movie, though I might. I am just a huge fan of Patricia Highsmith's. She was an excellent author, and her books over have layers of layers of interesting things/motives. The actions in the book are both mundane, but questionable.

Anyone have any other suggestions for books to add to my new list?
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September 13th, 2007

02:09 pm - One entry for the price of two
First here is a meme that amuses me.

1. Go to Career Cruising,
2. Put in Username: nycareers and Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top twenty results
5. Put the careers you have seriously considered in bold

Costume Designer
Set Designer
Special Effects Technician
Desktop Publisher
Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator

Fashion Designer
Casting Director
Political Aide

Graphic Designer
Communications Specialist
Market Research Analyst

Anyway, I was going to type two entries at livejournal and insanejournal like I try to do, but I don't really want to type up two right now.

I figured out what to write for my GSR fic...though I am thinking of changing the title to the last GSR fic by Serialbathera....but knowing my muse, I will think of another fic at a later time. I am not sure if I am going to post it today, we shall see.
Right now, I am putting drabbles before longer fics at the moment...since I am going to try to post a part of the Shattering everytime I post fics...since it has been on my list forever...though I do admit, I have been changing it a little, like today I changed a whole scene and cut some stuff that may not be important to the story.

So, any of those who read my insanejournal, monday I said that Wednesday was the anniversary of my dad's death. I was supposed to go to a job fair, but my mom really didn't want me to be disappointed if it turned out like the last one. Also, she was feeling tired, so we didn't go. We did play Rummicube a lot while she was off on Tuesday and Wednesday. Someone gave it to us on Christmas, and since we have been playing a lot of board games recently I thought we should learn how to play it. (She won't play Trivia Pursuit Genus, or Jeopardy with me, so I suggested Rummicube.)
I decided because of the day, and what happened last time, not to push going anywhere yesterday. Though, because we didn't go anywhere, and only went out to the store Tuesday to get a few things, she has to go turn in some library books that are due today. And pick up the book that I have held on her card. My sister has my library card, so I just use hers since when we go to the public library she is usually with me.

I was thinking about having a post about death anniversaries, and tragedy anniversaries, but I don't really want to anymore. It is obvious that despite what sometimes people are told, I don't believe there is a true closer on things like that. Maybe there isn't supposed to be though, maybe true closer would actually be forgetting the person completely, and not being affected by their lives. Maybe we aren't supposed to do that.

I am having a little trouble with my sermon. Most of my problem is I am not sure if I should be direct and stand up and say "It's wrong to judge gay people, and persecute them." Or since I told my grandfather I was going to print him out a copy, be sly about it in a way that can't necessarily give me the feeling that I will be disowned. Because I generally also think that regardless of people's lifestyles whether it be sex, lies, or murder you have no business judging them. I guess I should just going to let God lead me when I start to type it up.

ETA: I forgot to mention I was watching TMZ, because I was bored. And they showed Gary Dourdan drunk talking to reporters..(and regardless of who it is) I can't believe they let him get into his car drunk, and drive off, and no one offered to get him a taxi. No wonder Celebrities get DUIs, the paperazzi don't try to intervene and help them...stupid people. :end of ETA

Hmm, I am not sure what else to say right now. ....How about, I will open it up for everyone who wants to, to hit me with five fanfic requests to be done in the near future from any fandom. (And if you want I will let you post seperate requests at each journal.)

Have a good week all
::hugs and God Bless::

P.s. Next time I will probably go back to seperate entries
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September 10th, 2007

04:42 pm - Random thoughts
So, I am hoping that today since I am postive about things, that the rest of the week will go accordingly.

I have a job fair that I am hoping to go to on Wednesday, which is also the 7th anniversary of my Dad's death. And obviously, tomorrow is the anniversary 6th anniversary of the big nation's tragedy.

I am not in the mood, for once, to dwell on sad things in my life and in the world. I am hoping that this week, I can be positive and continue doing things that make me happy. (Like writing fics, which I have a bunch I am working on.) I am also hoping with the job fair comes new opportunities.

Anyway, I need to go home soon, my mom is expecting me...But I will leave with this thought...I heard Oprah say once, and also Tyra, she doesn't understand how someone feels when they decide they are in the wrong gender, and have the operation. Earlier this week, I saw or read an article on a new book or tv show, I don't remember, it doesn't matter, that this book/tv show was a fish out of water tale, and everyone can relate to that. If that is the case, how come there are people who admit they can't relate to feeling like an outsider. I am sure everyone has at some point in their life, especially if fish out of water stories are as popular as they seem. Silly talk show hosts.
Current Mood: awake

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September 5th, 2007

12:36 pm - Random Fandom thoughts
I was going to post something serious, but after ranting at Livejournal, I feel a bit like crying and then it makes me feel bad for ranting at two different places.

So, instead some random thoughts and questions about some various fandoms.

1.) I hear people make jokes about Greg Sanders apartment. And the first assumption is that it is probably extremely messy. I was thinking though of writing a fic, where his apartment isn't really messy. What if it is like a museum in away, where he has all his collections mounted on the wall. It would still make sense why someone might run and hide after seeing it. I can definitely see him with coins mounted on the wall, alongside Marilyn Manson posters.

2.) In season 7 in one of the episodes where they show Grissom hanging out with Sara, they mysteriouslly have a dog. Why? Whose dog is it? It seemed to want to be closer to Gil, but the last views you have of his apartment are almost sterile. I don't see him having time for a dog, or maybe he decided to get one because Sara made him loosen up some.

3.) What is the whole thing with the Buffy bot on BTVS? I get Spike made her, but I missed the episodes between him commisioning the Buffy bot, and she taking Buffy's place because Buffy died.

4.) For those actually reading this, what Season is Willow cooler in?
(I couldn't think of anything so I just threw that in.)

5.) Just a random thought, the two couples I hate in all of fandom, both have shaving scenes...Also, one of the people I hate hate, is adored by one of my favourite characters so for the sake of fanfic I have to pretend I like her...It is slightly evil.

6.) Is it wrong to write a CSI fic where Grissom is watching Manhunter?

7.)Why does finding graphic novels related to fandoms I like make me go squee??

8.) Not entirely fandom related, but who besides me thinks they should have RED eye on several times during the day? They could play repeats to get people to watch the new ones at night. Speaking of red eye I am signing up for their newsletter...yay!!!

9.) Does anyone else who watches Frisky Dingo, think Xander Crews is a complete moron?

I can't think of anything else.

God Bless
Love, luck, and lollipops

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August 29th, 2007

11:55 am - crazy people sitting next to me
so the people next to me are talking loudly, over something stupid...crazy people

I changed my layout, I found a cool header from Angel_ofharlem at livejournal . Mainly I was looking for icons, and found a whole bunch to add. I will probably add more next time I go online... We shall see.

Oh, how I wish I can make icons again...oh, well. Such is life.

Yeah, those people left, but there are a couple people talking on their phones...I guess I can't win the noise battle forever.

I should just hook up my mp3 player simon, but i haven't been doing it lately. I think it is just laziness, probably.

Why does an Lj cut code and an Lj user code work in Ij? You don't have to answer,I just think that is interesting. You'd think they would have a IJ code, but I may be retarded on how the coding works.

Hmm, I really thought I was going to have these interesting posts, maybe philosophical, on both journals...But I really can't think of anything to write...My mind melted in the heat I think

God Bless,
Love, Luck, and Lollipops

P.s. I have decided to link the stories for [info]30_somethings at the table for now, till I decide where I want to permanently keep the table, which just may end up at The Me Qiko Times but we shall see.

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